A Memory of a City

A Memory of a City from Adrian Baxter on Vimeo.


18 Miles


Structural Compression

Structural Flex

An ongoing series of photographic studies, exploring the idea of resillience and structural change.

Interior Remake

A self made project following the renewing of a buildings interior.

Interior Remake

Pinhole and digital photography.


Liverpool Harbour 2007

Photography, paper and ink.

Man in Urban Space

During some time in Athens, I encountered layers of life all around the city. I photographed and videoed the city from various directions, traveling north to south, south to north east, day and night. I took sound recordings, video and photographs of the city. I don’t have a conclusion, I have an experience of then and only then.

This image is a small creation of that time in Athens and the richness of an experience.

Man in Urban Space

Ink on paper.

Light as structure and experience

There is a point where photography isn’t enough and a video speaks of something that has already past.

So what about now, the experience of now?

Light as structure and experience

Linking Transitions

Hand Made Books

Part of a series of travels and temporary experiences captured compositionally by chance on camera, including found objects offering visual signs of time and repetition, ordered in book form to render a narrative.

Representation of a Series of Memories

Crafted by light and an incident, this book follows a different type of journey, once captured and then lost only to be held in memory.